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This must be one of my biggest IMM posts ever. I won Birgit’s Old books in a new home giveaway with a stack of cozy mysteries. I am totally made up because I only started reading those recently  and my shelf needed a re-fill. Thank you, Birgit!


I swapped


I bought

  •   Bodies Politic by David Wishart. This is the latest instalment in the Marcus Corvinus series set in Ancient Rome. David Wishart, whose earlier books used to be published by Hodder and Stoughton, has now changed to a print-on-demand publisher and also chose to publish this as an e-book on Smashwords, DRM free and all. I am pretty excited about this. I already posted its book beginning.

I won


Cover Panem et circenes by C.W. Weber Cover Hectors Reise oder die Suche nach dem Glück von Francois LelordCover Hector und die Geheimnisse der Liebe von Francois LelordCover Bodies Politic by David WishartCover The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Omnibus 1 by Charlaine HarrisCover Death by Darjeeling by Laura ChildsCover Shades of Earl Grey by Laura ChildsCover Murder most frothy by Cleo CoyleCober Latte trouble by Cleo Coyle

Cover Decaffeinated corpse by Cleo CoyleCover French pressed by Cleo CoyleCover Everything I never wanted to be by Dina Kucera

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    • Isn’t it? I was very surprised when I read this. In an interview D.W. siad he was only a small fish with H&S and decided to switch. I especially like that he also made it available on Smashwords for very little and without DRM and all that crap. He already is one of my favourite authors in the detective genre, but this moved him up another notch.
      Started reading “Murder most frothy” today….


    • I agree, tha last cover looks spooky!
      I will have a look at your IMM post, I see you are featuring Smashwords which I only recently discovered.


    • I also liked Sookie and am looking forward to Aurora Teagarden, even though, I am sure, it must be quite different.


  1. Wow, you won a ton this week! Those coffeehouse mysteries look so cute! I hope you enjoy all you got 🙂

    Here’s my IMM!


  2. @Stu and Jessica, yes, those coffeehouse mysteries look rather nice.

    @Dani, this is the exception, usually I only have a few books to show.


  3. I bought The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Omnibus 1 by Charlaine Harris a while back as it was a bargain on The Book People website, but I still haven’t got around to reading it yet. I really must!

    I hope you enjoy your new books 🙂
    Nikki-ann’s last post ..Do you judge a book by its cover?


    • The downside of the omnibus is that it is so big and heavy. Impossible to take in your bag or read in the bathtub. But we will persevere….:)


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