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If you are not living in the US (and maybe even if you are) you might have missed that National Library Week started yesterday. Not that we are participating but it is a good opportunity to show you the progress MY local library makes in terms of renovation. Remember, it had to move into temporary quarters a few years ago and it is a pain to go there (right now and/or in general).

My hopes are that once they moved into the new building it will be more modern and offer services that are just standard nowadays. They already changed the looks of their website, so maybe there is something positive going on after all.

Below are a few pics of the site

Library construction siteLibrary construction siteLibrary construction site

You won’t be able to see it probably, but on the last picture there is this low construction that looks like it might be some reading hall surrounded by glass walls. That would be a definite plus (but knowing those guys it will be the library director’s office).

Only a few more months, the opening is scheduled for fall 2012.

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