History locations: St. Johannis cemetery

One of the most famous graves at St.Johannis cemetery is the grave of Albrecht Dürer, one of THE artists of theAlbrecht Dürer's monogram Renaissance in Northern Europe.

The plaque says “Quicquid Alberti Dureri mortale fuit, sub hoc conditur tumulo” (The mortal remains of Albreacht Dürer are resting under this grave). Albrecht Dürer died on April 6, 1528 from Malaria. The grave was neglected for a long time (he had no children) and only in 1681 it was renovated by the artist Joachim von Sandrart who was buried in the same cemetery only seven years later.

Dürer's hare

Apart from both these two artists a lot of celebrities are buried here, among them Veit Stoß, a sculptor,  Anton Koberger, one of the first typographers, publishers and booksellers who in the 15th century operated his business in a capitalist way (I wouldn’t be surprised if he even practiced hostile takeovers), Hans Sachs, a Meistersinger, and William Wilson, a railway pioneer who drove the first German locomotive “Adler” between Nürnberg and Fürth in 1835.



Albrecht Dürer grave

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