Weekend Cooking: The Indian Slow Cooker by Anupy Singla

Cover The Indian Slow Cooker by Anupy SinglaI bought this soon after I got my slow cooker, but unfortunately I haven’t used any recipes from it, even though they all sound great. Just another one of those things.

The Indian Slow Cooker is a great book for curry lovers. Anupy Singla says she is the first one to combine Indian cuisine with slow cooking. According to her nobody ever thought of it before because Indian cooking normally includes very hot oil to which spices are added. This step is being left out when slow cooking (unless – like some of her friends do – you add this spice infused oil afterwards).

The book starts with a chapter on how to get started cooking Indian and then moves on to slow cookers in general, spices, tools of the trade, pantry staples, beans, bread and how to eat Indian food.

The recipes are divided into recipes with lentils, beans & peas, vegetables and meats followed by a chapter on side dishes and desserts. Except for the meat recipes, all recipes are perfectly suited for vegetarians. Out of the 80 odd pages only 16 are covering meat dishes, so the recipe ratio is great. Funnily enough, even in the meat section (and I almost missed that one) there is a vegetarian recipe called “Mock Keema”, which is made with “vegetarian crumbles”, which I suppose is soy mince.

Before you start cooking and you haven’t got a kitchen already equipped with all the spices, you better go shopping to your local Indian/Asian grocery store to stock up. The recipes need a lot of different ingredients that are no kitchen staples, at least not for me.

 Spices and beans Spice jars

Round labels from Cathe Holden’s site Just something I made. Lovely handwriting by my son.

Recipes range from Simple split chickpea curry, Goan black-eyed peas, Simplest of simple yellow lentils to Spiced cauliflower and potatoes, Butter chicken and Lamb Biryani. The last chapter covers chutney, rice, naan yoghurt and other side dishes.

Especially helpful for metric people: Right in the ingredients list it gives the American system (what is the name of it? I have no idea. spoon and cup system?) along with the metric measurements.

If you like Indian food and want to use your slow cooker more, you might want to give this book a try.

    The veggie factor

    Recipe ratio (non.veg./veg.) ca. 7/43
    Worth it? Definitely

    Product info and buy link :

    Title The Indian Slow Cooker
    Author Anupy Singla
    Publisher Agate Publishing
    ISBN 9781572841116
    I got this book from I bought it
    Buy link Buy The Indian Slow Cooker

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  1. This sounds like a very informative book. Alas though I am not a fan of curry or many of the spices used in Indian cooking. I think curry is one of those spices you either love or hate. I will not give up hope though–10 years ago I despised cilantro and now I love it. 🙂


    • All the slow cooker talk on Weekend Cooking made me buy one, Uniflame. All the tips the others gave me helped a lot in deciding what to get, especially because the variety in Europe is somewhat limited.
      I use mine all the time.


    • It is. I love shopping at Asian/Indian grocery stores. Ours has this snack section where you can get samosas etc. Yummy!


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