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  1. Hi Rikki,

    I was so intrigued to know exactly what her father was trying to give her the courage to do, that I had to go and check this one out. A definite for my reading list, a powerful and evocative story for sure, and I am still not sure whether the father is an innocent party or not .. guess I shall just have to wait until I read it!!

    Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend,

    Yvonne’s last post ..First Lines … ‘Life On The Edge’ by Jennifer Comeaux


    • Yeah, what happens right after this sentence is far from pleasant, believe me. I was totally shocked! I don’t think the father is guilty, but he – without knowing – put her into that situation in order to set things right.


  2. Intriguing… She needs courage for what?
    Something good? Something bad?

    I didnt read a book of this author, but I read very good reviews about others of her books…

    I’m waiting your review 😀


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