Readers’ workouts #3

Readers' WorkoutsI am not happy this week…

I went swimming and worked out once but I didn’t quite reach my goal of 90 minutes which is bad enough. Additionally I gained weight instead of losing any, so I am back to where I started off. Well. I suppose this happens. Must persevere!

How is everybody else doing?




To see other participants’ progress go to Joy’s Book Blog.

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  1. I’ve recently won a voucher for four sessions at a brand new and super expensive fitness joint here in town. It’s called VEEV Coaching and basically they strap you into some kind of suit with electrodes and you only work out 15 minutes with results being the same as if you worked out for 2 – 3 hours. Now you might wonder why I even entered that giveaway (Answer: I’m a giveaway junkie) and some would say it’s a SIGN (and seeing how pretty much all my pants are scarily tight and my scale starts to shudder when I go near her, it probably is). Well, I’ll have to make my first appointment soon and I’ll keep you updated on whether they “fried” me there or not …
    Birgit’s last post ..Quote Garden – Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one


    • I will stick with my plan for now, Joy. No point changing after two weeks. Like Jenni said, it might just be fluctuation. We will see….


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