Top ten all time favourite characters in books

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After I compiled my list of favourite characters in books it turned out that most of them are recurring characters from series and not stand-alone books. It seems they don’t make such an impression on me to really stick with me (except for a few, as you will see).

Three are from detective novels, maybe this indicates that, even though I am not a stickler for law and order, at least I am a stickler for justice. My favourite detective heroes all have proven to be able to bend the rules and let something slide once in a while.

Anyway, this is quite an eclectic list and not complete at all. They all just popped into my head.

Top ten all time favourite characters in books
  1. Wesley from The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Even though my last reading of the book was not that enthusiastic I still like Wesley who is the ultimate lover, hero, pirate, swordsman and whatever else you want him to be. At least I imagine him to be that way. 
  2. Marianne Engel from The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. I wouldn’t have thought I would choose a religious nut for this list, but I very much like her.
  3. Adrian Mole from the Adrian Mole diaries by Sue Townsend. The funniest diaries ever. Adrian’s comments about his life are priceless. A complete loser, but you sympathize with him and his plight.
  4. Sam I am from Green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss. Shows if you are only insistent and obstinate enough you will get there.
  5. Saskia from Girl in Hyacinth Blue. I liked how she hung on to the painting and when she had to sell it was smart enough not to just sell it to the first bidder, but was cautious.
  6. The father in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story Outside the cabinet-maker’s. That guy just stuck with me. What a storyteller! I loved how he passed the boring waiting time for a little girl.
  7. A blog post made me think about him just this weekend. The Comte de Valmont from Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlos de Laclos. He thinks he is on top of things when in reality he is simply getting as manipulated as everbody else.
  8. Lord Peter Wimsey from the books by Dorothy L. Sayers. The nobleman detective. Smart, clever, funny, literate, a gentleman.
  9. Marcus Valerius Corvinus from the series of the same name by David Wishart. A very modern Patrician sleuth in ancient Rome, drunkard lover of wine, rich and idle but always on the right side.
  10. Salvo Montalbano from the detective series by Andrea Camilleri. He is THE man. Sorry, Donna Leon, don’t even mention that Brunetti fellow in his presence.

What are your Top Ten Favourite Characters in Books?

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    • Yes, true, I felt the same way about her making them. Especially towards the end when you knew what would happen once she’d be finished. Then aghain, we should have wanted her to CONTINUE making them. Weird!


  1. This question is even tougher than the one with books to read in a day… which is still lingering in my mind 🙂
    The Little prince in definitely among them 🙂
    Ally’s last post ..World Book Night


    • Somehow I never took to the Little Prince. I read it and found it ok, but I never thought it was so great. I must be in the minority of one, I know. 🙂


  2. Our reading tastes are vastly different 🙂 so I’m not familiar with most of your favorite characters, but I found it interesting that you included Sam-I-Am. Never thought of Sam as teaching perseverance, but now that you mention it. . .

    Interesting list!
    Tami’s last post ..Flower Movie Puzzle: The Answers


    • Tami, I just checked and compared books on GR. You are right, I am afraid. But I am glad that at least you somewhat agree on Sam I Am. 🙂


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