Readers’ workouts #4

Readers' WorkoutsI have been very busy this week (the usual excuse) and haven’t done much, but if you knew me personally you would know that even going swimming for three weeks in a row is a success.

Yesterday evening I got my WII Fitboard out because I quite enjoy doing the exercises with it. That way at least I got something done. My new plan is do use it every evening, we will see how that goes.

How is everybody else doing?



To see other participants’ progress go to Joy’s Book Blog.

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  1. Wii Fit was a big part of my getting serious about exercise. The program that came with the board was how I started. Eventually, I also added Walk It Out and Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. I keep meaning to try a dance program but haven’t done one yet.
    Joy Weese Moll’s last post ..Readers’ Workouts May 1


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