My reading list for May and April recap


In April I

For this month I am planning to:

  • continue “The first man in Rome”. How long does it take me to finish a 900 page book, for Christ’s sake?
  • finish “The Accusers” by Lindsey Davis. I only have one more week to finish it.
  • finish the Get yourself organized project by Kathi Lipp (again, this was on my list last month already). I only have it for another week. I need to get going.

How was YOUR reading month?

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  1. I’ve been “struggling” with a dense, 700 page book this month. Sometimes it seems these books just don’t end! I liked most of it, but it was such a slow read.

    Have a great month in May!


    • I am not really struggling with the book per se but rather with the format. It is a gigantic hardcover and I can’t take it anywhere, I only read it in bed and a 900 page book at 20 pages a night makes very slow progress. Plus sometimes I just want to read something else and then there is no progress at all. Oh, well….


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