Readers’ workout #5

Readers' Workouts

This week I did much better and got my Wii Fit board out every day (except on the one day when I went swimming). My total workout minutes are 151 (goal is 90/week), so I am quite pleased with myself.

I got rid of one of my Wii Fitness programs which is a total waste of money and time. If you ever feel tempted to get Exerbeat, don’t bother. After every exercise – some of them are only 90 seconds – you are forced to watch your Mii wander all across the globe on a “tour around the world” and listen to educational little tidbits about the countries you are visiting. I have heard that eventually you unlock the option to put a workout sequence together without interruptions, but I never even got that far because I was so annoyed by this pseudo-historical-geographical chatter. There is no possibility to turn it off in the general settings.

My search for a good Wii fitness program goes on. Does anyone have any recommendations? Preferably with (Step-)Aerobics exercises and boxing and not so much dancing. Thanks already in advance!

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  1. That sounds very annoying!

    Well done for exercising almost every day! I used the XBox fitness programme for a while, but I find it a bit disheartening as it gives you a very low calorie total. I can spend 30 minutes (with interruptions) doing exercises then it tells me that’s 80 calories gone. Well! I can walk the calories off faster than that!

    I’m thinking of taking up swimming again – you gave me the idea. Are you still swimming too?
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    • Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe it!
      I rather have a lower calorie total than too much. If it gives me too much I think I can let go a bit and become a slacker.
      Yes, we are going swimming once a week to an indoor pool. Usually on Friday or Saturday evening when it is not too crowded. I am very much enjoying it.


    • Joy, I am still looking. So far I only use the program that came with the board which is pretty good, I think, I just want a bit more variety. I’ll post it when I find something…


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