Readers’ workout #6

Readers' WorkoutsOk, this week I have been a slacker, I only did 63 minutes (goal 90), so I could have done better.

At least my Wii told me that my BMI changed to “ideal”, which is something to be happy about.

So, not many news from me. How did everybody else do?



To see other participants’ progress go to Joy’s Book Blog.

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  1. Since I’m no longer in school from 8 to 5, I’m starting running for 30 minutes everyday, also eating healthier (school cafeteria menus, you gotta hate them). Apparently, I have a soft spot for blueberries with almond milk (kind of smoothie) and home-made strawberry yogurt, instead of buying a strawberry yogurt. It feels good to know what you’re actually eating!

    Good luck with your 90 minutes these weeks, but if your BMI is OK don’t be so hard with your time 🙂 I’m sure you look terrific and are as healthy as you can be.
    Elena’s last post ..May Book Sightings


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