In my mailbox

In my mailbox 


Finally there were a couple of books in my mailbox again!


I bought

  •   The Grass Crown by Colleen McCullough.
    Even though – at my speed – it will take me another year to finish “The first man in Rome” I like to be prepared and already got the second book in the “Masters of Rome” series. Another chunkster with 894 pages!

I got as a gift

  •  The Notting Hill Mystery by Charles Warren Adams.
    Published between 1862 and 1863 (5 years earlier than The Moonstone) this books is considered by some critics to be the first detective novel in English. I am very much looking forward to it. On the back it says it is in the form of diary entries, letters, analysis reports, interviews, forensic evidence and maps and therefore “utterly of its time and utterly ahead of it” (NY Times Book Review).

Cover The Notting Hill Mystery by Charles Warren AdamsCover The Grass Crown by Colleen McCullough

What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. Chunkster? I like the sound of that :-D!
    My own mailbox is on a diet right now, with only one book received this past week. And you know me, with only one book, I’m too lazy to post about it, but with a bit of luck, next week there will a bountiful post with more books.
    Birgit’s last post ..Blog Survey & Giveaway


  2. Can’t wait to read your review of The Notting Hill Mystery. I haven’t read the Moonstone yet, but I’m still in love with The Woman in White. I think it is one of the best detective novels ever (although a little bit slow sometimes). I hope you love it.
    Elena’s last post ..May Book Sightings


  3. I haven’t read the Moonstone either, but I might get it sometime after reading this one.

    Birgit, this chunkster will have to wait a long while. You will probably have to extend your challenge just for me, 😉


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