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Actually this is not my doing, really. John keeps pestering me to get more Hamish Macbeth books because they are such comfy reads, and with Awesome Books’ low prices and additional coupons you can’t not buy books there. So I complied.

I bought

    Nothing else turned up even though I have been waiting for a Titanic book that I mooched at Bookmooch. It seems it takes months for a book to arrive from Australia.
    Cover Death of a dentist by M. C. BeatonCover Death of a scriptwriter by M. C. BeatonCover Death of a dustman by M. C. BeatonCover Death of a celebrity by M. C. Beaton


What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. Apparently it also takes months for a book to make it from the UK to Germany … just sayin’!
    On a different note – you sure like M C Beaton’s mysteries, don’t you? I think once my ban is over I’ll have to readone of his books myself. Have you also read some of the Agatha Raisin books? Which do you prefer? Or are both series recommendable?
    Birgit’s last post ..Pajama Musings – The wishlist purge


    • Months? It was almost a ear! On the packaging slip it said the order date which was beginning of August 2011, :).

      M.C. Beaton is a really light, fast, entertaining read. Nothing to engage your brain, but just nice characters, mysteries that are intriguing enough and great setting. I have read some Agatha Raisin books and liked them, but then I came to a point where I didn’t like where the overall plot was going so I stopped. I definitely prefer the Hamish Macbeth books, but I know she more seies going. That women must write like the devil.


    • Ally, you are beating me as far as brain involvement this week, :). Pamuk and Dalai Lama, wow! That reminds me, I need to start The museum of Innocence soon….


  2. First thing, wow! I had no idea you were Australian. I studied Australian ltierature in college and the professor was everything but likable, maybe you could recommend me some good readings 🙂

    Second thing. How great is to do some light reading every once in a while? I’m particularly excited by “Death of a Dentist”. Maybe some poetic justice for all the pain they inflict! Just joking, I love my dentist, but I am terrified by what he could do.
    Elena’s last post ..Hello, new books!


    • No no no, Elena, the book is coming from Australia, that is all. You must have misunderstood me.

      Death of a dentist, yes, that is true, lol. However, my dentist is the nicest guy who always asks me whether I am ok, so no hard feelings here.


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