Death of a charming man by M. C. Beaton

Very short synopsis:

Beautiful young newcomer to a dreary village charms all the women. Eventually he gets killed which was practically unavoidable. Hamish saw it coming.

Cover Death of a Charming Man by M. C. Beaton


I read it in: English

I liked it:    Yes

For people who like: I don’t know whether M.C. Beaton does not like women very much or whether it is just coincidence that again the women are all daft and gullible. They seem to be all over Scotland, too, as this time we are not in Lochdubh, but in another backwater village called Drim.

Hamish’s and Priscilla’s engagement is a joke! I can’t find fault with Hamish; Priscilla knows he is unambitious, but the second they are engaged she starts to try to “change” him – and when has that ever worked? On top of that she is a cold fish and not responsive at all to his romantic advances. What a couple! Oh, well, the engagement only happened by accident, so to speak, so what can you expect? Not surprised to see them split up at the end of the book.

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Title Death of a charming man
Author M. C. Beaton
Publisher Robinson Publishing
ISBN 9781845297336
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