Goodreads purge and book buying ban

I decided today that my Goodreads lists (i.e. my TBR pile also) needed to be purged. I know many of you will laugh about me when I say that my TBR list contains 140 books, but to me this seems quite a lot and needs some downsizing – and a book buying ban to boot.

I had a closer look at my TBR list and found that I keep adding books that I hear or read about which are unlikely to ever get read by me. I switched a lot of them over to my “read maybe” list, which is a euphemism for “think about it and probably discard the idea”.

I am sad to say that six Narnia books went that way as well. I know, it is my own project and I am not giving it up completely, but the first book so disappointed me that I can’t be bothered to continue at this point.

OK, so where does this leave me? My TBR list is down to 124 books, 44 of which are the “probably never” kind. I should make this hopeless shelf exclusive, shouldn’t I? So 80 books to read, which sounds do-able. 15 of those books I do not own yet, which means I have 65 books at home waiting to be read. Perfect!


Until I have read a significant number of those 65 books I won’t buy another book. What would a significant number be? 20? 20 sounds good to me, that is almost 30%!

Oh, swapping is allowed, btw, simply because sometimes the opportunity comes along to swap a book that I have been searching for and it would be stupid not to to grasp it, wouldn’t it?

OK, the ban has come into effect as of now… Anybody care to join me?

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  1. First of all, I am officially impressed by the smallish amount of unread books you own. Secondly, I am certainly not going to join your ban as I am very much looking forward to the end of mine. Who would have thought?

    It’s funny really, how my TBR pile used to be around maybe 40 books BB (before blogging) and has grown to the hideous amount of about 400 AB (after blogging – ok, that sounds wrong, I mean, I’m not stopping to blog, you know). If you think that my TBR mountains have somewhat decreased, guess again! I’ve read 66 books this year and my TBR hasn’t shrunk all that much (thanks to books I’ve won and review copies – so maybe I shouldn’t enter giveaways and stop requesting books for review … argh). Right now I have 389 books to read (if my LibraryThing list can be trusted and I didn’t overlook anything) which is an awful lot. Many are freebies for my eReader which I’ve been hoarding last year, and I have learned from this, because no free downloads for me this year!! At least those don’t take up much space, but the piles in my bedroom … don’t ask! I have now purged my TBR piles and there will be a German edition of the Old Books/ New Home giveaway later this month. No use in keeping books I don’t see myself reading anytime soon despite the high recommendations they came with.

    Happy book buying ban, Rikki! I am living proof that it’s possible to survive such a thing ;-)!
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    • Oh, I am pretty positive that I will survive. As it turns out I had to add a book to my TBR list which I had not added on GR even though I got it already last week. But other than that, I will be good.


  2. I’m not sure I’ll be buying any more books since my desk if full of TBR books. I really feel like buying the whole Millenium saga because I read the first one and it was amazing and a book that won the Alfaguara prize in 2009 that seems to fit into the postmodernist literature I like. So, tha’ts it: two at the most!

    Congrats on being so logical regarding books, sometimes I find it really hard, especially at the bookstore 🙂
    Elena’s last post ..On contemporary literature


    • Not sure that logical is the right word, Elena, but I try to be reasonable. It just doesn’t do to keep buying books that you really want at the time, then put them on the backburner until you don’t want them anymore and then get rid of them. What a waste of money and resources.


  3. Yes, I am already on a ban! My TBR on GR is over 1000 (I do not own them all… maybe about half which sounds bad enough!) I really do want to cut down or re-organise my GR TBR a little bit because many are on there because they sounded vaguely interesting or someone recommended them and I didn’t really look at it for that long so they went on there as a reminder.

    I need to clean out my wishlists on Book Depository and Waterstones which I use as my more ‘want to buy’ list. However as Amazon now owns BD and has partnered up with Waterstones I will hopefully wean myself off both of those for the most part and rely on my local book shop and

    I have a plan – it is a 5 mile run to my local bookshop. I run there, I can buy a book then walk home or get a little rucksack and run home again. Exercise AND books… bingo!!! I’m sure it’ll help with my book ban as I’d just feel too lazy to do that very often.
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    • Fiona, I thought you were doing pretty well with the running, what you are saying now sounds almost as bad as me, :). But that way your plan might work.

      1000 books on my TBR pile, if I had that many I would probably die from the mere thought of them all waiting for me. But, yes, all those books sounding vaguely interesting all went on my “maybe, i.e. never” shelf….


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