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Die schreckliche deutsche SpracheI know a lot of people hate Amazon, but probably more people shop there on a regular basis. I am one of them. Yes, I own up to it, I am an Amazon supporter.

Quite some time ago someone mentioned their first amazon order years ago (I think it might have been sakura)  which made me wonder what I ordered first at one of my favourite stores.

Thanks to Amazon’s excellent order history I tracked down my first order easily.

It was placed in June 1999 and I ordered Mark Twain’s “The awful German language”. Very fitting, indeed. Needless to say the guy had no clue about our wonderful language. But that is another topic for another day.


Are you an Amazon customer? If you are when did you place your first bookish order there?

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  1. Looks as if I started ordering on Amazon back in 2004 which must have been around the same time I got my first e-mail addy too! In fact I believe I got the e-mail addy to be able to order here in the first place. I know I know … I’m not the fastest when it comes to all those techy stuff. I mean, come on 2004!?
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    • I suppose 2004 is a little late, but then again, some people are not even on the net now, :). How they get along I don’t know.


  2. I bought certain things on .com and and now that they have opened their Spanish store, I buy there lots of things. They offered me a 5€ coupon after spending 20€ for the Spanish book day, the CDs are cheaper and they are quicker than the Book Depository.

    I understand the hate and I would love to buy the books locally, but the stores here do not sell the books I want. If they have them and the prize is reasonable, I buy them but sometimes I face a 200% increase on the prize!
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    • I agree. Our local bookstores have English books but the selection is very limited, even though now it is much much better than it was ten years ago. Plus, the customer service at amazon is excellent. Nobody tell me that you can get it better at a local store. And with a Prime membership you pay no postage for next day delivery, what else can you ask for?


    • Isn’t it interesting to browse through one’s order history. I am always amazed at the number of things I bought years ago…:)


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