I need to get my a** in gear

Yes, that is true. You might think that I have been a slacker in regards to reading lately, and you are not completely wrong.


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I am obsessed with finishing “The First Man in Rome”, but as I am mostly reading at night and the book is so gigantic and heavy, after about 15 minutes it gets too much. It’s not a little paperback you can shift around but a monster of a book. I still have about 350 pages to go, so there is not much reading to talk about at the moment.

The non-fiction photography book I am reading “Beyond Snapshots” is really very nice and educational and great to look at but I hate reading books with lots of images (photography unfortunately has a lot to do with images) on the e-reader, and at the same time I hate reading books on the PC. I just downloaded it for the second time – luckily it was still available – but I learned my lesson. No more “picture e-books” for me.

Then “Girl Reading” is waiting for me. I must start on that one soon, it is looking at me expectantly every night from my bedside table.

Right now my book buying ban is in place already and what happens? Awesome books (my go-to book store) have sent me another coupon! I need to persevere. But 20% off is such a good deal… What to do?

Plus, my new German digital scrapbooking blog is coming along nicely and picking up, so I am eager to provide content to keep it going. Two blogs = hard work indeed, especially if both blogs involve a lot of time consuming activity besides blogging.

Is anyone else maintaining two blogs with different subjects? How do you do it?

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  1. I just finished my fourth chunkster for the challenge and it had almost 900 pages. At first I thought it’d take me more than a week to read it, but despite the size (luckily not a hardcover) I read it in only 5 days. I even squeezed in two small books to fill the rest of my reading week. I wish I was that fast when it comes to stuff like, let me think, doing the laundry and stuff.

    I feel your pain concerning books that are picture-heavy. I recently read “The Ultimate Survival Manual” on the computer as it wouldn’t have made any sense to load it onto my eReader with all the photos and strange formatting of text fields. Good thing it was a very small book, but this certainly taught me a lesson too. Some books simply have to be read in their physical form.

    AwesomeBooks … I think in the meantime they’ve sent me half a dozen coupon codes as I haven’t bought anything for months (now that’s a surprise). Every time I received such a newsletter I sighed and deleted it – too tempting, too cruel!
    Birgit’s last post ..Pajama Musings – Tales of a Re-Reader


    • Awesome are verya generous with their coupons and their prices on used books are just too good to pass. But I will try!


    • You must be a truly privileged customer for a 50% off coupon. I am impressed. If I got that I’d be shopping right now! 🙂


  2. I am not really on a book buying ban, but I already have too many books for this summer, so I’d better be logical and stop buying more. But, I bought the Sony e-reder because it was 50€ cheaper than usual and it was my prize for passing with honors two important subjects. I feel partly guilty now that I put it down…

    20% is a great offer. Are you checking the Book Depository 24 hours of offers?
    Elena’s last post ..Contemporary lit. challenge?


    • Congrats on your Sony! Like I said before I absolutely love my Sony, so I am glad you got one of them instead of a Kindle.

      Not sure about TBD yet. It all depends on the kind of books they offer. I might have a look every hour just to make sure, but I am pretty sure it won’t be anything on my wishlist.


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