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  1. Before doing the test: I’m pretty sure I’m something between spacial, linguistic and mathematical.

    Let’s do the test!

    100% linguistic
    100% intrapersonal
    54% mathematical

    Yep, apparently I knew about my learning style (and luckily, picked up my degree wisely!).

    Thanks, Rikki. We both love doing tests, eh? Now don’t tell me you are a fan of lists.
    Elena’s last post ..Re-reading: The Great Gatsby


  2. I’m not one who can resist a test either, so let’s have a look at my top results, shall we?

    Linguistic 100%
    Intrapersonal 88%

    No surprises there I’d say! Other than that it’s also a pretty mixed bag for me … and I have no clue what I clicked on to get more than 0% in the Bodily-Kinesthetic category, hahaha!
    Birgit’s last post ..Picture Garden – At The End Of The Day


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