I am melting away today, so I went in search for some haiku to confirm I am not the only one suffering from the heat – and I am not…

I’m melting, melting
Wicked Weather of the West
Quick! A mountain breeze!

~Marcia Hook via Denverpost


My car is a kiln
I use oven mitts to steer
Arriving red-faced.

~Tracy Wohlgenant via Denverpost


Sunny, hot, humid,
We all have been reduced to
A puddle of goo.

~via Les bonnes idées mag

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  1. What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. ~Jane Austen

    BTW plans for tonight are running a lukewarm bath and instead of playing with rubber ducks I will take a bag of freshly made ice cubes with me.

    I’m not joking.
    Birgit’s last post ..Pajama Musings – This is the end!


    • Ha, I was pretty sure you would show up, Birgit.
      I believe you. I am in such a bad mood, crankiness level to its max. I am yelling and snapping at everybody who dares to be in my way.


      • Of course I showed up. Where else would I be in this heat? It’s pretty bad in the apartment, but it’s much worse outside. Let’s just say, if these were the Hunger Games I’d be the girl on fire today. And yeah, I’m ready to kill too.
        Birgit’s last post ..Pajama Musings – This is the end!


  2. Your’re definitely not the only one, I’m melting too! The haikus you picked describe this weather perfectly. Thanks for sharing!


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