My reading list for July and June recap


In June I

This month I am planning to

  • celebrate my four year blogoversary on July 15 and the following week. Watch out for different giveaways , they are a very eclectic mix!
  • finish “Girl Reading”
  • finish “The Love Object”
  • start with The Grass Crown, the second book in the Masters of Rome series. Can’t wait!

How was YOUR reading month?

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  1. Hmm, I like cozy mysteries, but the Beaton ones are just not calling my name. I am however looking forward to your thoughts on the first book of the Masters in Rome series. I remember starting with book 3 (yes… pretty bad, but I was young and I adored Julius Caesar) ages ago. I’ll have to add the first two books to my to-read list. Speaking of which, I applaud you for getting the number down so low. I had a similar purging urge earier this week and boy, was I proud that I got it down to 436 o__O Granted, most of these TBR books are available at one of many libraries or already on the bookshelf, so I’m totally with you on a book purchasing stop 😉
    Four years already, time does fly 🙂
    Chinoiseries’s last post ..Book review: The Restaurant of Love Regained – Ito Ogawa


    • The Beaton books are starting to deteriorate. I didn’t even blog about the last one I read (in fact I even forgot to add it to my list here, must rectify this).
      I suppose with the Masters of Rome it doesnt matter that much where you start as there is ALWAYS a lot of back history. But I would definitely recommend reading the previous books as well. I was never a fan girl of Caesar, I always found Sulla a much more interesting character, but I will get to book three eventually.


  2. I just saw that Judith read 20 books this month, so I went and checked how many I read *drum roll* and the number is 13 which isn’t all too bad considering that there were two chunksters among them. Well to be fair though, I started the first tome in May and only finished it in June, but even if we agree on 12 books that’s really not bad, right?
    Congrats on successfully battling that fellow in Italy ;-)!
    Birgit’s last post ..Review – Twilight Robbery (Frances Hardinge)


    • This month was a slow reading month, but I put this all down to the Romans. I am eager to start the next one, so I assume all summer will be like this. The books don’t get any thinner, :).


  3. June was not a good reading month for me. My body and my mind suddenly realized I was done with school and they demanded unhealthy amounts of CSI: NY and 12 hours of seelp a day. I did read three books and bought my Sony e-reader, though.


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