Book beginnings on Friday

Boog beginnings on FridayCover The Grass Crown by Colleen McCullough

My book beginning today is from “The Grass Crown”, a book I am eager to start after reading its prequel, “The first man in Rome”. That book’s beginning, by the way, you can find here.

“The most exciting thing that’s happened during the last fifteen months,” said Gaius Marius, “is the elephant Gaius Claudius showed at the ludi Romani.”

That was to be expected. At the end of the last book it was obvious that the following few months would be calm, so this beginning comes as no surprise.


What is YOUR book beginning today? To see more book beginnings go to Rose City Reader!

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  1. I love that beginning, it is a little cheeky, isn’t it? Do you think it will live up to the first book?


    • More than a notch! A grass crown was the highest and rarest of military decorations in ancient Rome. You had to save a legion or an entire army through your actions and the craown was made from grass etc from the battlefield.


  2. I used to read her books but fell out of the habit. Thanks for the reminder!

    Rayme Waters – the author of my Book Beginnings book – guest posted on Rose City Reader today, explaining how the heroines of 19th Century literature inspired her debut novel, The Angels’ Share.

    It will give you a much different idea about the book than the opening sentence.

    Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!


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