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Our library (read why it sucks here) will be closing in a week for the big move into the new building. So they are encouraging everybody to check out as many books as they can, in order to facilitate the activities. So I went there on Thursday and got 13 books. To you this might sound like nothing (I have seen library haul in blog posts that was gigantic) but it is quite a lot for me. I got mostly non-fiction (health and cooking) but one.


From the library

  •  Coraline by Neil Gaiman. This is going to be my first encounter with Neil Gaiman. Unfortunately I got it in German, and I am not sure whether the translation will be ok, but we will see. I came across it by accident in the children’s section while browsing for the Dragon Slayers’ Academy.

Cover Coraline by Neil Gaiman


What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. wooow, 13 books? They do not lend more than 3 here, and you will definitely not find Coraline, which is fantastic!
    I got in my mail two books, Elif Shafak’s The Bastard of Istanbul and Pascal Mercier’s Last Train to Lisbon, which I started reading, since it captivated me from the first pages… and I indulged myself in buying a book with beautiful poems by this Romanian poetess who was present in my town and who has been writing for decades and decades…
    Ally’s last post ..Paris en Juillet


    • I remember that, years ago, we also had a limit of only a few books, but now I don’t know what the limit is. I never exceeded it.
      I think I have heard of Last train to Lisbon before and seen quite good reviews. I definitely like its title. Sounds very intriguing.


  2. My first and only experience with Coraline was when I went to watch the movie with my niece. The poor thing was only 5 and we had to get out after 40 minutes.

    And lucky you with those 13 books! I can only borrow two (maybe three?) at the same time and, if God forbid they did something to the building, they would not let us borrow all the books. Are you posting pictures of your cooking from those books?
    Elena’s last post ..10 Ways you can Improve your Blogging


  3. Rikki, I’m sorry to hear that your library’s services are so abominable 🙁 In contrast, my public library is a gem that I treasure and will miss we decide to move to another city. The collection is really decent and they regularly purchase books that are suggested to them. I think about half to two-thirds of my to-read list on GR can be borrowed from the library. Also, everything is pretty much digital (bypassing human interaction): borrowing, returning, book reservations, paying late fees… one “downside”, I get to borrow 10 books max.

    I’ve heard only good things about Coraline, haven’t read it yet. Enjoy this modern classic 🙂
    Chinoiseries’s last post ..Book review: Bonjour Tristesse – Françoise Sagan


    • I hope ours will improve once they are in the new building. Yes, we can check books out “digitally”, however, to return them we have to go to a counter with a human being (no drop box either). This COULD be considered a nice interaction thing but my theory is that they only do that so they can remind you of the late fee and put the fear of God into you.


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