Latte trouble by Cleo Coyle

Cober Latte trouble by Cleo Coyle

Java Jewelry, Lattes and Murder in the fashion world

In a nutshell:

Short synopsis:

When Clare suspects a murder victim was not the intended one she starts to investigate during New York Fashion Week.

Language I read the book in: English

Did I like it? Yes, quite. It’s an easy and quick read.

For people who: like cosy mysteries, coffee, fashion labels, first person POV

My thoughts: 

Right at the start I realized that the book I read before this one “Murder most frothy” is actually the one after “Latte Trouble”. Ah, I hate reading out of order, but that couldn’t be helped now.

Clare Cosi is a rather likeable character and in this book we get to know her a bit better as far as her relationship with her ex-husband is concerned. Matteo is in this book for most of the time, so there is a lot of interaction between them. Somehow it seems he always turns up at the right time and always in the company of an influential, rich, trendsetter he can make use of. Not a bad connection to have for Clare, even though her feelings about these relationships are ambivalent.

The murder story is rather uneventful and even a kidnapping and visit to a hellhole of a club turns out to be not as bad as anticipated. Does anybody else find it remarkable that Clare knows off the top of her head that the fourth circle of hell is the circle of the greedy (she calls the hoarders)? Wow, this woman is literate, indeed! On the other hand she has no clue that the artist is called Jackson Pollock, not Pollack, for Christ’s sake! (see my review of Murder most frothy)

The solution to the mystery was –I wouldn’t call it far-fetched, but rather unexpected. The murderer turned out to be someone totally unrelated until then, something I am not a big fan of.

Brand labels play a big part in the book, not as hints to the mystery solution but rather as continuous name dropping. Bloody Hell, ok, it is fashion week, but I couldn’t care less whether witnesses wore a Prada dress, a Chanel costume or whatever. Got on my nerves, that.

All in all:

The whole plot is rather straightforward and easy to follow. A comfort read without much brain engagement involved.

Location: New York, New York, USA, during fashion week

Fashion showBackstage

Images from wikipedia users mangostar and mandiberg.

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Title Latte trouble
Author Cleo Coyle
Publisher Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN 9780425204450
I got this book from I won it from Birgit at The Book Garden
Buy link Buy Latte Trouble
More info The Coffeehouse mysteries series
Even more info Cleo Coyle’s Internet coffeehouse

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Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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    • I agree about our tastes in cozies. I read 4-3-5 and have 6 waiting still. So far I am really enjoying them. The name dropping is a minor flaw but happens all through the book. But I think this was down to the fashion week theme as in no. 5 there is none of it.


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