Book locations: Tintenherz (Ink Heart)

Buchhandlung Tintenherz

Isn’t that the nicest looking kids’ bookshop ever? Doesn’t it just invite you to come in and start reading? Well, it doesn’t invite my kids, as they are no readers (one can’t read yet, the other hates it), but generally speaking.

The shop is called “Tintenherz” (Ink heart)  and it also has a website and online store where you can have another look around. If you would like to go there and check the shop out in person, it is on the famous Krämerbrücke in Erfurt, Thuringia. The perfect location for this charming shop.


This is a picture of the bridge before the shops are open. During the day it it is a tiny bit more crowded, :).

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  1. Oh, how wonderful! I have great memories of my childhood visits to both the bookshop and the library.

    And I had no idea you had kids! If it helps with the one who doesn’t like to read, I think the love for reading is something you are born with or not, it is a tendency that obviously parents can reinforce, but not something that you can force your kids into (as in brushing their teeth). All my family tends to science and technology and I am a humanities person: my parents read both to me and my brother. I ended up studying literature and my brother has never picked up a book for pleasure, only for school.
    Elena’s last post ..Some ideas: Back to School!


    • Elena, you are so right. People tend to say that the love of reading comes from the parents, but it obviously does not! John and I both have so many books at home, they are everywhere and we read a lot – obviously. The boys have tons of books and we have read to them since they were born. They both love being read to, but the older one just HATES reading. He does love audio books though, I suppose that is better than nothing.


  2. What a lovely bookstore (and street)! I have to confess that I hardly visit any brick-and-mortar bookstores anymore, as the prices are ridiculously high: both Dutch and English books costs 15 Euros or more and I find that bookstores don’t always stock what I am looking for 🙁


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