Weekend cooking: Meal planning made easy

I suck at meal planning. Until recently meal planning in our family consisted of looking in the fridge, checking what is there and then throwing a meal together. Good for some. I wanted something better, but without all the browsing cookbooks, making shopping lists etc…

Now I have found the solution. Plan to eat. That website is the best thing for people who want a plan but are too lazy to do all the tasks involved (except cooking, that is).

Admittedly it takes a little time to import or manually enter your recipes – and that is an ongoing process – but once it is done meal planning is a breeze.

Decide what to cook on any given day, and Plan to eat creates your shopping list for you, sorted by food category and shops. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. And the longer you use it the easier it gets as you are refining your system continuously.

I signed up for the free trial period and was so happy with the result that I subscribed to it. Maybe, if you are also struggling with all the planning, time consuming looking for recipes and creating of shopping lists, this is something for you as well.

By the way, I am no affiliate, just happy with the service…:)

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  1. Argh, meal planning, both a boon and lifesaver for busy people. I find that in weeks where I have planned ahead, cooking goes without a hitch, but when I haven’t planned anything (which is more often the case), my meals are a lot less interesting and healthy. I usually make use of an Excel sheet to plan ahead, but this website looks quite useful. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
    Chinoiseries’s last post ..Weekend Cooking: tofu makhani


    • It absolutely is useful. I go shopping without even thinking. Then I look at my printed meal plan, see what’s cooking today, then go and get all the ingredients and there isn’t anything missing. It’s miraculous! Before there was always some crucial item that I didn’t have – seriously. But the other day I saw I needed two tomatoes and thought “Have I got them?” and there they were, I didn’t even remember buying them. I love that!


    • Beth, it totally took the stress out of the dreaded dinner question. When John asks me what’s for dinner I just say, look at the plan! And all ingredients are in the house. It is great!


  2. This sounds great. I still live with my parents but I really love going shopping for food (my mom hates it and my father does not really care) and then, once home, organizing everything, especially the fridge. However, I don’t like cooking!
    Elena’s last post ..Review: The Forgotten Garden


  3. They think of everything these days, don’t they?! I definitely need something like this but there’s no way I could import all of my favorite recipes unless I could find them online first. But, I do agree that cooking homemade meals does go much more smoothly with a plan. I take a sticky list on my fridge and jot down dates for two weeks and plug in meals. We rarely stick to it but it is nice looking at the list for inspiration.
    Trish’s last post ..Mom 100 Cookbook – Katie Workman


    • The entering of recipes is quite a task, that’s right. I just started with about 20 recipes and now slowly am adding more and more. It takes a while but it builds up. And the import from the net works rather well, too.


  4. That’s the upside of the single life … you just grab stuff randomly out of the fridge, throw them in a pot, stew for half an hour, and hope for the best. 😀


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