French Pressed by Cleo Coyle

Cover French pressed by Cleo CoyleChefs are an arrogant and insufferable bunch. But do they deserve to die?

In a nutshell:

Short synopsis:

Clare’s daughter is the main suspect in a couple of murder cases and now she has all hands full to find the real killer.

Language I read the book in: English

Did I like it? Yes

For people who: like cozy mysteries, feisty heroines, the restaurant scene.

My thoughts: 

So far I liked this one best, I think. Birgit did say that the series gets better and she is definitely right. I start to really like Clare even though she is a terrible busybody who thinks everybody and everything is her business.

Her daughter, however, is a different matter.
The first time you stumble on a corpse and then get to be the main suspect it is a tragedy, if it happens again it becomes a farce. How stupid can you get, for Christ’s sake? Her boss and lover humiliates her in front of the whole staff and dumps her like an old rag, so she flees from the scene. And what does she do next? Goes back to retrieve her knives at midnight when she can be certain the guy will be there and most probably alone! Isn’t humiliation enough? Well, she paid for her idiocy.

This story takes place in the restaurant scene and chefs and cooks play a huge part. As I have experience with cooks myself I can vouch for the realism in most of the book. Even though I find it totally unbelievable that a four star restaurant – no matter how avantgarde or extraordinary – does not have a coffee machine and the maitre d’ allows the waiters to serve clients staff coffee from some dirty old coffee maker. This is unheard of.

S P O I L E R !

Clare’s assumption that the man she suspects to be the killer has knife skills is ridiculous. He is not a butcher, he is the SON of a butcher. Why would the son of a butcher have knife skills? That would be the same as saying the son of an accountant is an excellent bookkeeper.

On another note I am glad to say that no artists made an appearance in this story and so Jackson Pollock can rest in peace today.

In spite of all these little things that bothered me I very much enjoyed reading this cozy and am looking forward to the next one already. I particularly like how every book puts a spotlight on a certain “scene”, the high society in the Hamptons, the fashion people, the coffee business and now the top restaurants. Highly entertaining!

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Title French Pressed
Author Cleo Coyle
Publisher Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN 9780425220498
I got this book from I won it from Birgit at The Book Garden
Buy link Buy French pressed
More info The Coffeehouse mysteries series
and more info Cleo Coyle’s Internet coffeehouse

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    • Oh, yeah! Bring them on. I got one more in this series today on my swap site, something Mocha….., the 10th book. Did you know there are alread 12 or so?
      I started reading the first of the tea shop ones and totally love that one, too.


      • I knooow and the Teashop mysteries has plenty of sequels too! “Jasmine Moon Murder” is part of the haul I got from AwesomeBooks, but they didn’t have any Cleo Coyle books on there lately. Then of course I stocked up on a whole lot of mysteries that I haven’t read yet. Hopefully they won’t all be great reads ’cause otherwise I’ll want to read the rest of each series and then things could get ugly, hahaha!
        Birgit’s last post ..The Reading Files – If I were reading any slower …


  1. You are definitely a source for cozy mysteries, Rikki! Although you know I tend to darker stuff, I think it is great that we both love mysteries. Do you ever challenge yourself to sit and think about the ending and see if you guessed it right? I did that with some Sherlock Holmes’ stories but failed. Anyway, I had fun!
    Elena’s last post ..Review: The Forgotten Garden


    • I totally suck at that, Elena. I hardly ever guess right. Even though John points out to me how very obvious it was. I am a terrible sleuth. But I am good at pointing out the logical flaws in the book’s sleuth’s reasoning, :).


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