Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday

This won’t come as a surprise for some of my visitors, because my deplorable reading habits have already been discussed at length at a Friday Coffee Chat a long time ago.

But I might be able to come up with a few more, so here we go….




Top Ten Six Bookish Confessions

1. I dog ear

2. I break spines

3. I miss the due date at the library by 1 day, then have to pay for the full week

4. I sometimes, only sometimes, read the last page of a book when I am somewhere in the middle. However, that doesn’t tell me much as the last page invariably mentions people I haven’t heard of yet.

5. I almost never buy books new. Instead I swap or buy them used. The last book I bought new was “Girl Reading” and that was only because it wasn’t available as a used book anywhere.

6. The second I finish a Harry Potter book and close it I have forgotten the plot. I am not kidding. I do remember some events, like the Quidditch championship or that contest where that Quidditch talent with the Russian name rescues Hermione (a fact I could never understand, by the way, he only knew her a short time) from whatever threat (see, I have even forgotten that), but basically I have no clue about HP. All I know is that it is good boy vs. Mr. Evil.

Jean Rostand said:

Prerequisite for re-readability in books: that they be forgettable.

With that in mind, for me the Harry Potter books are as re-readable as they can get.

What are your Top Ten Bookish Confessions? I am curious!

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  1. Somewhere at the back of my mind I knew about the dog ears. The spine breaking thing is rather shocking though. And I must confess *looks left and right to ensure no one else is listening in* I do sneak a peek at the last page of books too sometimes. This, of course, is where eBooks come in handy, because you can’t just innocently let the book “fall open” at just the right part to nose around.
    That quote made me smile though I have to say I’m not much of a re-reader and when I do it’s not because I forgot the content of a book. Never read HP though and have n intention doing so any time soon.
    Birgit’s last post ..Old Books in Need of a New Home


    • Never read HP? Wow, that is amazing. I thought there was nobody left in the world who hasn’t read HP. Congrats for avoiding him.


  2. I was looking forward to seeing ten confessions, but you’ve only got six ;p Dog-earing, I try to prevent, but I sometimes succumb with library books (older ones). Nowadays I either highlight on my e-reader, use post-its or other pieces of paper to bookmark memorable pages… and am now experimenting with taking photos with my phone. Dog-ears make me feel guilty…

    Spine-breaking? *gasp* It does happen of course, but I don’t think I do it on purpose.

    As for missing your library’s due date… paying a weekly fine sounds severe when you’ve only missed one day!

    I guess my only bookish confession would be that I’m addicted to pretty, new-ish books :s Many people I know like well-read and much-loved books, but I can’t help but get giddy when I see (yet another) big box of new-smelling books arrive at my doorstep :S

    Finally, you know that there is a HP-readalong, starting September 1st? Has the time arrived for a re-read? 😉
    Chinoiseries’s last post ..Book review: A Portrait Of Jane Austen – David Cecil


    • Well, I am not a compulsive spine breaker, but if it happens, it happens. – Our library charges by week, not days. But they suck anyway….:)

      A HP readalong? Where? Who hosts it? I must check it out. Thanks!


  3. We are the opposite in everything you picked. I hate dog ears and breaking the spine is something you should never do with my books. Punishment: death :p haha. I NEVER read the last page, because that totally spoils the fun of reading for me. I always buy new books and I can dream Harry Potter line for line :p
    Mel@thedailyprophecy’s last post ..Top 10 tuesday 15.


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