Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Cover Coraline by Neil GaimanI never knew buttons could be so frightening.

In a nutshell:

Short synopsis:

Coraline has to fight an evil witch to get her parents back. At the same time she rescues a few lost souls.

Language I read the book in: German (Coraline)

Did I like it? Oh, yes.

For people who: like children’s adventures, good vs. evil, witches and smart cats.


My thoughts: 

This was my first book by Neil Gaiman and I didn’t know what to expect. I have heard a lot about him, but it was always referring to adult literature and not children’s books.

I finished Coraline in one afternoon which is rather remarkable as I normally drag books around for ages. But this was a quick read, very entertaining (in a spooky sort of way) and – I wanted to get it over with. I never read thrillers or horror (not anymore, that is), and now you know, why. If Coraline is already scaring me to death, what a bundle of nerves would I be after reading some adult thriller?

Coraline is such a courageous girl, it is amazing. She is sensible, clever and fearless. The book should be read by every child out there so she can be their role model. The ideas Neil Gaiman came up with – OMG, I have no idea how kids relate to them, but I found them frightening to the extreme. Fake parents with buttons for eyes, a world that slowly dissolves, some ancient being acting as a corridor? Bloody Hell, for me that was about as much as I could bear. But I am a bit of a scaredy cat.

Anyway, this story had me from the beginning and I just couldn’t stop reading until it was over, evil was outplayed and everything was good again. Totally recommendable for children and adults alike.

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Title Coraline
Author Neil Gaiman
Publisher HarperPerennial
ISBN 9780061139376
I got this book from the library
Buy link Buy Coraline

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Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. Coraline is on my to-read list, and despite it being a quick read, I can’t seem to get around to actually reading it. I’m glad that your first ever Gaiman went down well. Do you think you’ll read some of his other adult books now?
    Have you also watched the animated movie of Coraline? It’s supposed to be creepy (yup, the buttons!)


    • I am planning to read more, yes. As it happens, while looking for the Deathly Hallows I came across two of his books that I never knew we had (no surprise there). So, now American Gods and Anansi Boys are standing on my TBR shelf.

      I haven’t watched the movie, I don’t like animated films, but I am considering it nevertheless. Someone on GR said that she preferred the film (?!).


    • Ah, I never even thought of R.I.P. Yes, this would have fit perfectly.
      I don’t think we have The Graveyard Book, unless it is hidden somewhere, like the other two, so I won’t join you. No book buying for me at this point.


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