History locations: Moat festival

We often have medieval festivals  in our area. There are tons of medieval castles around and most of them organize some annual festival or other. This time is was the Moat Festival in our local moat which is a park in daily life.

Moat Festival

There were lots of stalls with medieval goods, food and drink and performances. Knights fighting, musicians playing (I LOVE bagpipers, especially when they are half naked and tattooed) and acrobats doing their tricks, it was a lot of fun.

The vegetarian food selection was rather, um, limited, but if you are a carnivore you were all set. Quite educational for the children who all of a sudden realize that the yummy “Schnitzel” was a cute little piglet once.

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  1. My town is a medieval one as well, and we do have one or two small festivals, with some of my former students acting out as knights, but we do not have half naked men 😉
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    • You need to ask? I find them rather sexy.
      Oh, yes, C was rather upset, however, not to the extent to give up meat.


  2. Love it! I’ve been to a medieval festival before (in a Dutch amusement park that is geared towards history) and I thought I recognised some elements 😉 Live jousting is the best. But I wouldn’t say no to a bagpipe performance by that lovely tattooed lad in your photo. Assuming that he is as charming from the front as he is from the back ;p

    Any (potato) salads or cheese sandwiches for sale? :s
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    • There was a jousting tournament last weekend – a real one -. with participants from all over the world. You might want to have a look at this: http://www.turnier.sankt-wendel.de/english/

      Unfortunately all pics from the front were so blurry that they were no good, he was ok, you didn’t miss anything, :).
      I think there were about 5 veggie dishes all over the area, the rest was meat, not surprising because the German cuisine in general, and the Franconian in particular, are extremely heavy on the meat side.


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