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Remember the 30 lists project I mentioned in my last recap post? Well, it is in full swing and I am having a blast. The only downside is that I don’t get anything else done. To create a list every day is quite time consuming if you don’t just scribble it on a piece of paper, let me tell you. Plus, I don’t want to fall behind, I know that one day without making the list will be the end of it, so I am keeping at it.

Want to see my lists so far? Aren’t they pretty? Well, I think they are, :).

My first batch of lists

If you would like to take a closer look you can view them on my flickr set or my Pinterest board (now you know the REAL reason I am so busy, I am uploading all day).

As far as reading is concerned, I am still reading the first Harry Potter, but find it strangely unattractive. Somehow I am not getting into it. And I started to continue The Grass Crown. My only complaint about that one, you can’t take it anywhere, it weighs a whopping 1.2kg. No bathtub read, unfortunately.

What are you all up to, be it crafty or otherwise?

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  1. Your pages are amazing, Rikki, you must be putting a lot of work into each and every one of them! Do you think they work? Or is it really more of an aesthetic thing?

    Sorry to hear that Harry Potter is not the right book for you right now. And yeah, big tomes are meant to be read at home or on an e-reader, I’ve stopped carrying them around :S


    • The lists are no to-do lists or anything to stick to, I am considering them to be a “Me right now” statement. It is more a creative project than anything else.


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