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Here are my finds for this week…

What interesting things have you found in the last few days?

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  1. Hilarious, “glamping” 😉 I used to do a lot of camping on the cheap (involving a lot of illegal camping and not enough showers as I would have liked to) and while that was fun, I definitely prefer glamping over camping now. Please do tell about your bad experience, did a sheep eat your sock? Anything could happen you know 🙂

    Positively Positive is quite a cool Tumblr site, the last image “Hunting for Unicorns” just reminded me a bit much of Harry Potter :/ Not good vibes…

    While we’re still a child-free family, S. and me sure could benefit from some of those organisation tips!

    Great links, once again 🙂


    • There were no sheep, I could have lived with sheep. It rained from beginning to end and there were slugs! Those glamping pics look fabulous, don’t they? But I am afraid I wouldn’t go through all that trouble just to go camping. Give me a hotel anytime.


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