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If it hadn’t been for an approval at Netgalley that came as a surprise as I had totally forgotten I had requested this months ago, my mailbox would have been completely empty again.


For review

  •  All the money in the world by Laura Vanderkam, a non-fiction book about “What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending”
    Cover All the money in the world by Laura Vanderkam


What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. You ARE doing really well, Rikki! I’m seriously considering a book buying ban for myself, it is getting ridiculous. Looking at my book case there are so many books that I have yet to read 🙁

    This book makes me curious: I wonder whether the “happiest people” are wealthy, poor or have average incomes? 🙂
    Chinoiseries’s last post ..Book review: Earth Girl – Janet Edwards


    • Tze-Wen, it made me curious, too. From the first few pages I assume that the happiest people are the ones who use whatever money they have in a wise and satisfying way – whatever that means, :). We’ll see.


  2. This week I’m getting the new J.K Rowling book “The Casual Vacancy”. It looks like a cozy, English novel and I booked it back in June so I’m super excited! I also got the new Kate Morton (out next October) and “Gone Girl”, one of those dark mysteries I love.
    Elena’s last post ..The Promise – Ann Weisgarber


    • I am curious to read what you will say about the Rowling one. The others I would definitely give a miss, as you know, 😉


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