Top five series I haven’t finished

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There must be lots of them. I am not a reader who keeps on reading a series even though I have lost interest in the genre or topic or even though the series becomes just plain boring.

So I went through my Goodreads account to see what series are still unfinished or discontinued (by me).  Here we go:



Top five series I have not finished
  • The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger.
    Stopped after book one. I have book two and three – and maybe even four, not sure – lying around here, but when I started on number 2 it bored me to death.
  • The Agatha Raisin series by M. C. Beaton
    When Agatha started to seriously lie to get her neighbour to marry her I stopped immediately. I hate that sort of stuff.
  • The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R Ward
    What a promising series! I loved the guys and could have continued forever. But then she treated V so unfairly. I managed the following book six but that was it. The series had deteriorated considerably.
  • Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris
    Book seven was my last one. I am still interested but just not as much as before. It might have to do with the image of that greasy Eric from the TV series that I now have in my head. Until I saw him I adored Eric just as much as the next girl.
  • The Narnia books by C. S. Lewis
    What a disappointment! My own Narnia project given up after one book, I feel bad about that, but I found the first book rather disappointing.

Tons of mystery series: Crowner John, Matthew Bartholomew, Daisy Dalyrymple…after a while I lose interest and stop reading them for one reason or another. However, there are a few series that I follow no matter what, but that is a topic for another list…:).

What are your Top Ten series you have given up on? Or do you continue come hell or high water?

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  1. I’m not really enjoying Narnia as well, but will probably persist (three to go). I suspect you need to have read them for the first time when you were a kid to really enjoy them as an adult.

    I felt there were really heavy-handed on the symbolism, especially religious-symbolism.


    • Alex, I think you are right. Most adult readers re-read it with a sort of nostalgia coming into it whereas I red it now and found it rather dull. And the religious bits really got on my nerves as I am not inclined that way.


  2. Sadly, some series I have quit are ones I loved for a while, and they are by an author I thought was wonderful – Alexander McCall Smith. I find I am not interested at all in his 44 Scotland Street, or Isabel Dalhousie. I especially used to love the second one, but now they don’t interest me at all.
    I also didn’t like the tone/story of the latest Mma Ramotse and didn’t finish it. I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up this one too.
    I also seem stalled on the Henning Mankell Wallander series, after only two books.
    Nan’s last post ..The Cornbread Book by Jeremy Jackson


    • I never liked Mme. Ramotse, so I gave that one up after book 1, but I am a big fan of the Isabel Dalhousie books even though I don’t particularly like her character. I am now past book 7 or so and am taking a little break. And 44 Scotland Street is on my TBR list.
      Never read Mankell, but I am not a crime fiction fan, unless it is cozy mysteries.


  3. I didn’t even get past Soulless, the first book. And I’m not sure I’ll ever start on the Sookie Stackhouse series. People keep telling me the books and the TV series are really good, but there are so. many. of. them. I had a mind to start Agatha Raisin’s books, but er, now I’m not so convinced anymore. Ah yes, Narnia 😉 A project for 2013 methinks!

    My must-finish-one-day series are Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, Chris Wooding’s Braided Path and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. I’m an epic fantasy kind of girl!


    • Re Sookie books and TV series, I didn’t like the series, it might be good in its own right, but not if you are into the books – at least in my opinion.
      Joh has read all the Song of Ice and Fire books and thinks they are great (and so is the TV series, according to him), so I am planning on reading them, too. Maybe in 2013….


  4. I’m definitely not a fan of series. I couldn’t finish Harry Potter, only read the first of the Millenium Trilogy (although I loved the first installment), still have to read the last of the Hunger Games and haven’t finished all of Sherlock Holmes’ stories… Wow!
    Elena’s last post ..Midweek Quote


    • Oh, yes, I can see a pattern, :). But Sherlock Holmes? Really? I have read them all umpteen times….That is one series I finished from cover to cover, so to speak.


    • I would agree, but I DID want to know V’s story as he is my favourite. And then I went on to no. 6 because it seemed logical. But, to be frank, I had lost interest by then and didn’t care about the stories of the rest of the bunch.


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