Bloggiesta kick-off


OK, I am all set and ready to go for Bloggiesta, are you, too?

What are my plans? Well, I am quite happy with the look and behind the scenes of my blog right now, so I don’t feel the need to do much. However, there are a few areas that could do with a little improvement.

  • I need to clean out my Google reader. It collects so many feeds right now that I always am behind, no matter how often I try and read posts.
  • Joy from Joy’s Book Blog offers an Evernote challenge. I LOVE Evernote for my “real” life and am looking forward to reading about Joy’s ideas on how to incorporate it into blogging.
  • I am going to have a look at The Blue Stocking’s Revitalize old content challenge. Sounds interesting!
  • I like the idea of my Tumblr blog Teleidoscope 2.0 but it is sadly neglected. I want to find a way to easily update it with conten on a regular basis which also includes Instagram.
  • If I have time I want to update my Goodreads account with reviews and ratings.
  • And, of course, (you might have noticed it already), I am running my own mini challenge this time about basic photo editing. So I am planning time for that as well.

Bloggiesta is hosted by Suey from It’s all about books and the 1st daughter from There’s a book. You can find more information, a list of all participants and a master list of challenges over there. On Twitter you can find us with the hashtag #bloggiesta. On Twitter there will also be a few twitter parties which are always fun.

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  1. I like your goals a lot. I almost added my Google Reader to my list of goals, but I’ve been pretty good about keeping up on it since the last Bloggiesta, amazingly enough. I’ll have to check out some of the challenges you posted about and I’ll take a look at yours as well. Thanks for stopping by, by the way!


    • My google reader is pretty organized, but way too long, so I will need to weed it. But it is always fun to get rid of stuff and clean out things, so I will be enjoying that.


    • I know what you mean. One gets so many ideas from other people’s list, it is hard not to add things. Thank you for stopping by.


    • I think I did a lot of the “standard” things last time and am pretty happy with things, so now I am venturing out, 🙂


  2. You’ve already achieved most of your list, I see 🙂 Full steam ahead! The “revitalize old content” challenge sounds interesting, I’ll have a peek at that as well…


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