Bloggiesta update 1


Day 1 is over, what have I got done so far?

I have already cleaned my Google Reader. What a great feeling it was to unsubscribe from feeds. I came from 128 and ended up at 61, that is quite good going. In the future if I find I don’t read a blog in a week I will unsubscribe from it. I do not want to get into a situation where I have to stare at a list of 867 unread items again.

I went through Joy’s Evernote challenge and decided how to incorporate Evernote into my blogging.

I installed the Tumblr app on my phone and made sure I had my tumblr account activated in Instagram. That should make posting on my Tumblr blog Teleidoscope 2.0 a little easier.

Not too bad for only one evening. Saturday will be a bit busy, but I hope to get to do some more later in the afternoon.

How is everybody else doing?

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    • I think you did great so far. Some of the things I did were accomplished in no time at all. Some things just take longer, but in the end are much more satisfying when done.


  1. You have already accomplished quite a lot, Rikki! I am dreading to cull blogs from my feed reader, it got stuck at 1000+ posts a long time ago and I never bothered to look at it again after that. In a way, email subscription has worked out much better than the use of Google reader.

    I had no idea you were also on Tumblr 🙂 Followed!

    What else do you have planned for Bloggiesta?


    • Followeed you, too!
      You know, every time I went to my Google reader I almost fainted, so it was time to do something about it. I zeroed all posts yesterday and will start afresh today.
      Today I’ll tackle the old content challenge….


    • Yes, that is one of the nicest thingsabout Bloggiesta, to meet new people. Good luck with the rest of your blog work.


    • I know, MArg. I also got rid of tons of feeds that have’t been updated in a long time. But at the same time I deleted a lot of busy writers. You just have to conquer the urge to hoard feeds, :). It is very liberating.


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