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OK, I think I am done with actively working on my blog during Bloggiesta. Somehow I didn’t feel like updating my Goodreads; I chose instead to update my reviews list, so all books are on it now. I had neglected it for a long while.

Also I wrote a couple of reviews and another post for Crafty Tuesday and am quite happy with what I did.

Don’t forget you can still join my Photo Editing challenge and maybe you will win a great e-book about Real.Life.Photography from Ella Publishing.

It was a fun weekend, it is evening now where I am and I am done! How is everybody else feeling? Are you happy with what you got accomplished or have you procrastinated like the best of them and spent all time on twitter and browsing other people’s blogs (not that there is anything wrong with that)?

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  1. I kept my goals short and sweet this weekend, which means I feel pretty good about what I’ve accomplished! Still have some things to work on, but it’s always nice to check one. more . thing off the list. And I’m still hopping around and visiting, of course!
    Maria’s last post ..Bloggiesta: Finish Line


  2. Well done, Rikki! I agree that you shouldn’t do work that you didn’t feel like at all – I didn’t do one thing that I started, then thought, WHY??? and gave up. It’s allowed – this is our hobby!

    I’m very pleased with the things that I did get done and I’m happy to have found a new photo editor via your mini-challenge, so thanks for that!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Weekly Reading Roundup


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