Bloggiesta update 2


Saturday was another good day and I tackled two things:

I really liked this one. Related posts are really a good idea and I am quite happy with nRelate. It is rather good and no work at all. What I did after reading the challenge is install the “Tweet old posts” plugin that automatically tweets older posts to being them back to the attention of twitter followers. I tweeted one immediately (you have no say in what post, but can exclude categories and specific posts from the pool) and it re-tweeted a locations post – good choice, :).

My overall score is 85, which is pretty good, especially seeing that I don’t promote my blog much or that I don’t monetize it in any way (not counting the affiliate links, if I depended on them I’d have starved a long time ago).

What this grader obviously wants me to do is get a Facebook page. Thanks, but no, thanks. I do have a Facebook account but it is rather independent from any other online activities and I want to keep it that way.

It complains about lack of tweets about my content and/or Facebook shares. Well, it IS possible to do that easily from every post, so if people don’t want to do it, I can’t do much about it. I mean, I hardly ever tweet or share other people’s posts so I am not one to complain. 

A 301 redirect is a good suggestion. I looked into that already some time ago and somehow – I can’t remember why – I couldn’t do it. I hate messing directly with program files, so I might look into a plugin for it. I will look into that again.

Today I want to update my Goodreads account and then I will be done. Not bad at all! How are you all doing?

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  1. Congrats on having so much done, Rikki! I don’t know why, I tend to re-vamp my blog in January, with all the “new year, new things to do” stuff.

    I understand what you mean with having your Facebook account unrelated to your blog. I only share my blog with my best friends and some family (not even all of them). Probably they’ll eventually find it, but it’s been almost three glorious years without any classmate wanting to talk about it.
    Elena’s last post ..Interview: Ann Weisgarber (The Promise)


  2. I also did the grader challenge, which I enjoyed. I didn’t have a facebook share button, but now I got one, so people can share if they feel like it. That’s better than it was.

    Your situation seems to be like me old one: there is a Facebook Like button but not a facebook share button – I think it makes a difference in where it appears in Facebook. Share is seen by all followers, Like only on your homepage – I believe.
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Bloggiesta: Starting Day 3 #bloggiesta


    • I never pay much attention to Facebook at all, so I never even noticed the difference, :). Thanks for mentioning it, Judith.


  3. I like the idea grading challenge, only I hate making another account, so I’ll skip it for now. I have Goodreads upstanding on my list for today, too, after I finish making my ratings graphics. Good luck and have a nice Sunday afternoon and evening!
    Pepca’s last post ..Bloggiesta Fall 2012: Goals and Updates


    • Pepca, you don’t need to register for the grader, just enter your URL. Not sure I will do much on Goodreads today. It is so tedious and boring, I might give it a miss….;)


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