My reading list for October and September recap


In September I

This month I am planning to:

oh, I have no idea. September was so busy with various projects that I had hardly any time for reading, so I will just see where October will take me. 

How was YOUR reading month?

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  1. You’ve taken to reading more variety again, I see!

    Writing a September recap was one Bloggiesta task that I failed to do – but I will still do it, later.

    I read 16 books in September although one or two I didn’t finish, so 14 for real. It was hectic, as I wasn’t sure I’d fulfil all my reading commitments. I more or less did, in the end. I think (hope) October is a quiter month for me.

    Are you doing the 24h readalong? I’m looking forward to it already!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Blogfest 2012: Winner of the Giveaway Blog Hop


    • Yes, my binge reading is over for now, :). I just go through phases…Hey, just like we said before, no commitments for me, I only read what I feel like when I feel like it.

      No readalong for me. I don’t think I could manage with two relatively young boys around. I’d have to pack them off somewhere, :).


    • It depends, Elena, sometimes already in October, sometimes only in January. We can’t be sure, but in October we usually get our snow tyres, just to make sure. Yes, it is the time to cuddle up under a blanket now.
      Is it getting cold where you are living, it is in the North of the country I believe, right?


  2. Well, those are a lot of activities blog and books related 🙂 School started two weeks ago and I haven’t done too much reading since then. October does not seem different, with all that paper work to be done by… yesterday 🙁
    Ally’s last post ..Piercing – Six Word Sum Up


    • Tell me about it, Ally, I am glad my list prject is over, though it was fun – but very time consuming if you don#t want to fall behind. And I know if I do I will never finish it, so I stuck to it. October will be more relaxed.


    • Well, I want to do another bookmark set in another style and then have to start thinking about some calendars as Christmas gifts. Plus, I want to try out bead weaving. Plus, I still have that one class going. Now that I come to think of it, it’s going to be another busy month. How about you?


      • Those cute bookmarks have really gotten to you 🙂 And one can really never have enough bookmarks! What will your first bead weaving project be? It could be a pretty bookmark 😉

        Like Judith (I am guessing, she mentioned her busy October reading schedule) I’ve got a crazy list of books to read this month. But I’ve got the rest of the week off, so that’ll make for a lot of catching up with reading and the blog (I really should’ve joined Bloggiesta!). Also, I’ve got this sad-looking sock waiting to be finished. That’ll be my “crafty” project 🙂


        • No bookmark! But you are right, they could be done! No, I am going for a simple bracelet first.

          Sock? I take it you are knitting it? I don’t knit but crochet and tried to do socks once (it is possible, but they are more like bed socks) but I hated it. After doing one, I don’t want to do the same thing again.


          • Sounds fun too 🙂 Yes, I’ll be knitting the sock, as long as the pattern is not crazily difficult, it’s a great combination with reading. Really, crochet? I’m not a crochet queen, and I didn’t know that it was possible to crochet a sock. Bed socks are always welcome though… I may have to make this a challenge *hops off to Ravelry*
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