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Here are my finds for this week…

What have you found on the web recently?

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  1. I really like the article about toys made from children’s drawings. How awesome is that, to have a toy that corresponds to what YOU have in mind, instead of conforming to whatever an adult toy maker is marketing? 🙂

    The Agatha Christie article is also a really nice one, filed away for further reading!

    As for the flash mob, it’s a good idea in a country where book banning is still an issue, but I don’t think the Dutch or the Germans ban many books? (Except the sensitive issue of Mein Kampf)


    • I know, it is more exciting in the US, nobody gives a damn about banning books over here. Never even heard of it before I got involved in the book blog community. As for Mein Kampf, it is not only a sensitive, but also very complicated issue. Isn’t it always?


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