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After a three year long renovation our new library opened its doors today. It was an old building that got completely redone inside and out. The new building is only meant for fiction, children’s literature, the musical library and the historical science library. The non-fiction books are still in the old building that is attached to the new one. So our lovely library café is still there for everyone to enjoy.

The new building is VERY modern, with lots of empty space, lots of concrete and stylish furniture. A lot of the books are still gone as patrons were encouraged to check out as many books as possible before the move.

They created a super nice children’s area with lots of seats and a little auditorium for readings etc. The employees were exceptionally helpful and nice today, we will see whether that will last or whether they will go back to their old behaviour. They have even extended their opening hours and – gasp – are now open on Wednesdays. Pure luxury! The most exciting feature is a drop box where we can now return our books after the library closes. I know, this is a standard service in a lot of places, but it is a true novelty here. No more late fees for me – hopefully.

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  1. Not only your library has changed – your blog too! I love both!!!

    Hopefully the employees are so much happier in their new library that they will be nice from now on. Well, that’s unlikely, but one can hope…
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..New Arrivals!


    • True, Judith. I will put them to the test the first time I will go and return old and check out new books. Not too optimistic though.


  2. Well, the library looks as good and as clear and modern as your new design. Wow! I seriously admire your ability with anything design-related. I wish I was that creative (and technological).
    Elena’s last post ..On Criticism


  3. What a lovely library! I envy you! And the cafe… c’mon, you have everything there. In my town they just announced that the library will be moved in a smaller building because the one where it is situated now will be given back to its owner… so things are actually getting worse so no owonder Romanians do not read…
    Ally@ Snow Feathers’s last post ..Somebody is Camping in My Head


    • I know, Ally, we haven’t got it too bad, :). And the cafè is a definite plus. Poor you, the situation doesn’t seem to get better. Did that campaign you blogged about the other day have any impact?


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