The Goodreads Choice Awards 2012

OMG, I feel embarrassed.

Today I received an email (like probably 5 million others) asking me to vote for the best books in various categories in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2012.

My short evaluation of the various categories (I am aware that I can nominate books if I wish to, but for now let’s stick to the ones already nominated):

  • Fiction: Haven’t read one of the nominees. Ooops! Did discover one author I want to try out though (Junot Díaz)
  • Myster & Thriller: Not one, BUT I do know Alexander McCall Smith, just that I can’t stand his Mme. Ramotswe series.
  • Historical fiction: Not one, BUT I bought one of them (Hilary Mantel) for John. Does that count?
  • Fantasy: Not one, that was to be expected.
  • Paranormal Fantasy: Not one, but at least I know a couple of the series, even though I have lost interest. Gail Carriger is, well, soso, and I was shocked to discover that by now there is the 21st Anita Blake book out. I would have assumed by now she has died from too much ardeur.
  • Science Fiction: Nah.
  • Romance: Strangely enough, quite a few of them are paranormal as well, does this mean anything. Does regular romance lose its appeal? I also discovered that Fifty Shades sequel or second sequel or whatever it is on the list. Awful! Where is the romance in that one?

All the rest I will cover with a cloak of silence. It seems the Goodreads Choice Awards are not for me. Some book blogger I am!

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  1. I felt pretty ignorant when I saw the list! I had some on the TBR but have only managed to read 2 and the majority I hadn’t heard of!!!!!!


    • June, I am glad I am not the only one. Admittedly I read a lot of backlist and don’t keep up with new releases etc. but when I saw the nominees I felt there must be something wrong with me, :).


  2. I didn’t even receive that newsletter, I think? Though I have this suspicion my OMG would be even bigger (or louder) than yours.


    • All right then.
      Non Fiction. I’ve read ONE. Better than nothing, eh? Though for a self-proclaimed None Fiction blogger that’s probably nothing to brag about. I think Ill add some books to nominate as I’ve read quite a few amazing ones this year which should definitely be on that nominations list.
      Memoir. Nope.
      History. Double Nope.
      Humor. ONE again (plus it qualifies as Non Fiction too).
      Science Fiction. Well, I want to read the one by Terry Pratchett (just waiting for the pb) and I’ve heard a lot about Wool, so that’s on my radar, but oh well, never mind. That much for being a sci-fi enthusiast.
      And now the holy temple of YA *cough*. Two on my TBR pile. Come to think of it, there are a couple “first in series” of nominated books which I’ve actually read.
      Birgit’s last post ..Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines


  3. I have voted in 3 or 4 categories, and as a specialist in 50 shades (loooool), it is the third tome, which I haven’t read it :)) As for the romance in it, I guess it is “romantic” to do those “deeds” with the same person over and over again until the whole book is so predictive you cannot help but laugh. oh, they should have included it in the Humor category :))


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