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I will be walking down Memory Lane soon as I have ordered a few books that I loved when I was a little girl. Officially I wanted them so we can read them to our boys at bedtime , but I am sure I will read them myself beforehand.

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Enid Blyton is the creator of many series, but the one I always liked best is the “Five find-outers mystery series”. Five kids, one dog, a small English village, an oaf of a Bobby and cozy mysteries, what else can you ask for? The series was on my auto buy list way before I even knew what auto buy meant and getting a new book (there are 15 total) was always the highlight of the week or month.

I found the first six books in two hardcovers at Awesome Books for about €3 each, a real bargain. They are:

  • The mystery of the burn cottage
  • The mystery of the disappearing cat
  • The mystery of the secret room
  • The mystery of the spiteful letters
  • The mystery of the missing necklace
  • The mystery of the hidden house


Mystery series book 1Mystery series book 2

I will be having so much fun!

What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. Oh to be a kid again! I loved this series too! In fact, from time to time I even contemplate reading the originals but so far I obviously never did. And nope, I never checked for bargains on AwesomeBooks either *shakes head at own stupidity*.
    On a different note – did you watch the series on TV too as a kid? I loved that one almost as much as the books. I even owned a record of one of the adventures (Christmas prezzie one year, boy was I excited) and I think it might still exist in a box down in the basement too.
    Birgit’s last post ..Pajama Musings – Thou shalt not judge!


    • A TV series? Really. Are you sure you are not mistaking this with “5 Freunde”? This is not 5 Freunde, but it is called “Geheimnis um….” in German. I only know the 5 Freunde series, which I never liked too much (I didn’t like George).
      Yeah, I am looking forward to reading them in the Original. We are already laughing our heads off because the Bobby (in German his nickname is “Wegda!”) always says “Clear orf!” which totally cracks us up.


  2. I didn’t know about these series. Do your boys enjoy being read to? You once told me they don’t like reading; my brother didn’t like either but he loved when my mother read to him.
    Elena’s last post ..Death Comes to Pemberley


    • The younger one can’t read yet and the older one doesn’t like it, but they both love being read to, so that is a plus.


  3. I have bought these series from an old lady who had them and I am offering them to my best students in comprehensive school. It is a step forward in having them read in English and some of them actually boast about this. As for what’s in my mailbox, I have managed to buy just one book in two months and this is fantastic since I have so many books around me that demand to be read… I have other books on my wishlist, so i may buy some this December… I am not that strong 🙂
    Ally@ Snow Feathers’s last post ..Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange 2012


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