2013 Reading Challenges

I am going to keep it short and sweet next year with reading challenges. I couldn’t even finish my own Narnia project and with the other challenges I am not doing too great either.

So I decided to only join two challenges next year; two challenges that I think I will be able to succeed in. Really! Both are hosted by Birgit from The Book Garden, so this will be my one-stop challenge place next year.

The two challenges are:

Tea & Books Reading Challenge Button

Tea & books reading challenge

I signed up in 2012 for this one, read one so far and am reading the second one right now. Maybe, maybe I will even finish it before the end of the year.

Again I signed up for the chamomile lover which means two books. Do-able!

This isn’t fiction reading challenge

This isn't Fiction Reading Challenge Button

I checked with Goodreads just to make sure I could do that. I read five non-fiction books this year, yeah! For next year I signed up for the kindergarten level, which is five books again. Do-able!

What challenges are you planning on joining? Are you good with challenges or do you suck in following through (like I usually do)?

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    • I went through my GR again and noticed I forgot to tag one cookbook, that would be six then. Not counting all the German stuff I only browsed through.


  1. I have joined both of Birgit’s challenges and I am going to join 3 or 4 more, they really help me keep on reading when I could just go to sleep (loool) so now I just have to write that post… maybe on Friday, when we have a day off 🙂
    Ally@ Snow Feathers’s last post ..Let’s talk about …


    • I am so bad at going through with challenges that two is just about enough for me, :). Looking forward to seeing what else you joined. Let me guess! Japanese Literature is one of them?


      • Oh yes, definitely Japanese literature, one just for January and the other one for the whole year. I really love most of the books I have read for this challenge, maybe because they portrait such a different universe, at such a different pace…
        Ally@ Snow Feathers’s last post ..Let’s talk about …


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