In my mailbox


Birgit from The Book Garden sent me a parcel with tons of lovely goodies, books and souvenirs from her recent trip to the US. I enjoyed every single one of them (and carry around a couple in my purse) – thank you, Birgit!

I got as a gift

It is cozy time again! Birgit sent me two books in the Booktown Mystery series

Cover Murder is binding by Lorna BarrettCover Chapter & Hearse by Lorna Barrett

and there is more…

I have never heard of those before, but they sound quite nice and entertaining.

Cover Dying in style by Elaine VietsCover Murder Unleashed by Elaine Viets

What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. I can’t wait to get Little Women and Alcott’s Christmas Stories this week (hopefully, though never trust the mail system). My parents paid for them so, strictly they are a gift and that adds to their value.

    What bookish goodies did you get? I love them all, tend to collect bookmarks and stickers 😛
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