Just one night, part 1: The stranger by Kyra Davis

Cover The Stranger by Kyra Davis

Being engaged but not altogether certain about it can be difficult.

In a nutshell:

Short synopsis:

Woman is engaged to boring, but reliable guy and looks for a one night stand to “be young” for once. Doesn’t work out the way she had planned.

Language I read the book in:  English

Did I like it?  Not so much

For people who:  liked Fifty Shades of Grey without the kink but with a rival for Grey.

My thoughts: 

“Just one night: The Stranger” is the first part of a trilogy and it is very short. At about 130 pages it keeps the plot to a minimum and jumps right into the sex. I am sorry to say that, even with erotica, sex without context doesn’t do it for me, so I found the erotic scenes not so much erotic but rather boring and uninspiring.

Kasie goes to Vegas because her best friend tells her she has to sleep with a stranger before she marries her reliable, secure, but rather boring boyfriend. She does it and, needless to say, the stranger, CEO of his own company, turns up again as a client. She is a business consultant, and at this point -in spite of my complaint that the plot was scarce- I cursed that there was plot at all. The business babble between the consultants or between them and the client was so vague, tedious and empty that it made you wonder why anyone would pay for their advice.

Anyway, the whole client-consultant relationship was just there in order to drive on the sex development which it did splendidly. Kasie and Robert have sex and then some more. In between she beats herself up over it and thinks of herself as a sinner. In order to justify her betrayal of her boyfriend/fiancé she comes up with all sorts of ideas. For example she asks her boyfriend whether he is ever tempted by beautiful female colleagues and when he says that he isn’t she conveniently interprets this answer as a lie (it came too fast to be true) and thus regards her own behaviour as excused.

She is constantly torn between her desire for Robert – which is huge, she dreams about him 24/7 and practically drools just from the thought of him – and her wish to be respectable. How dreadfully boring! One day she tells Robert they can’t meet again, the next day she seduces him, one day later she tells him to stop…after a while she so got on my nerves, I just skipped whole paragraphs. What bothered me most was the fact that she loves the idea that Robert knows the woman who lies underneath her business like exterior instinctively (and he does seem to know her very well), on the other hand she is so clueless about him that probably his bin men know him better than she does. It’s a tragedy.

The end is just another cock teasing episode with a twist when her boyfriend changes the course of events.


At the end of book one there is a short teaser for book two, called "Exposed". At the end of “The stranger” Kasie has to literally leave Robert and go back to her fiancé without another word to Robert. You would imagine that this calls for something other than sex at the beginning of the sequel, but no! It starts with a scene where she has just been violated by her fiancé and now has fantasies about Robert again. Bloody Hell! She has just been threatened by her fiancé, possibly raped, had to leave her lover for good and all she does is come?! I find this hard to believe.

Read this if you must. I will stay away from the sequels.

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Title Just one night: The stranger
Author Kyra Davis
Publisher Pocket Star
ISBN 9781476711102
I got this book from Netgalley
Buy link Buy Just one night: The stranger (release date: 22 January 2013)

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  1. Oh, I’m so tired of stories like: “Kasie goes to Vegas because her best friend tells her she has to sleep with a stranger before she marries her reliable, secure, but rather boring boyfriend.” I think they perpetuate the lie that women need “bad boys” (and can actually change them). I’m so happy with reliable and secure that I do not understand why other people would want the contrary.

    Now, having read your spoiler, I find it hard to believe too, but at the same time repulsive. The feminist critic in me thinks: “does rape appear here as a tool and excuse to do what she really wants?, seriously?”

    Let’s hope erotica does not follow the Fifty path for a long time or we may in danger of returning to 1950’s morals and ideas.
    Elena’s last post ..Gift Ideas 2012: Final Post


  2. It does sound boring, but I love your “cock teasing episode” phrase… totally unexpected :))
    Anyway, I won’t buy it because there clearly is just one “Fifty Shades” (looool) and the last tome I may finish in the next few weeks, but I wonder if this literally light “literature” gets any inspiration from other writers and books… I mean, I have read Anais Nin’s journals and short stories and they are indeed full of eroticism, and I have read Oates’ Rape and that is clearly a shocking book of a totally different genre, so, how in the name of God could anyone bring those two together…?
    Ally@ Snow Feathers’s last post ..What Should I Read Next?


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