A Christmas Carol (BBC)

My Christmas Carol movie marathon continues…

Christmas Carol cover 1977

You can’t go wrong with this movie adaptation of A Christmas Carol. The BBC did it in 1977 with Michael Hordern as Scrooge and he is fabulous. Mean and morose, he makes Michael Caine as Scrooge look like the benefactor of the year.

The production is rather spooky and bleak, no big special effects, just the bare story as we all know it. No lovely locations; you know, you can even make slums look picturesque if you want to, but here we are talking about black and white line drawings for setting the scene. They certainly haven’t spent a lot of money on location and decor, but instead focused on the cast.

Other than the previous two adaptations I blogged about (Muppets and Blackadder) I wouldn’t watch this one for jolly entertainment and a good time – popcorn and Coke included -, but rather for educational purposes.

A Christmas Carol at imdb.

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  1. Just the other day while I watched the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol, I remembered why I hadn’t revisited it for years: I find it depressing. I don’t like Dickens at all and although I try hard to understand his works for I see their relevance in literature, but not even films. I just can’t.
    Elena’s last post ..2012: A Retrospective


    • Ah, the Muppets version is more entertaining than anything else though. The music etc. it’s all so nice and cozy.


  2. This was fun, thanks for hosting the event. I still have all the other films to watch, but A Christmas Carol was so appropriate for the time of year (and much shorter than all the others). 🙂


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