Fix-it and Forget-it Holiday Dishes and Sides by Phyllis Pellman Good

Cover Fix-it and forget-it Holiday Dishes and Sides by Phyllis Pellman

Cookbook for the crockpot lover

My thoughts: 

Meat and crockpot lovers will like this book. Being a vegetarian I didn’t get too much out of it, as all main dishes, except two (Arroz con queso and Minestra di Ceci), are with meat or seafood.

From what I understood Phyllis Pellman Good collected those recipes from other people and edited them for this book. Every recipe has a name and town at the top, so I assume that is the person who contributed the recipe. A good sign, as those meals tend to be more “real life” as some you can find in the cookbooks from professional cook book authors. All ingredients are common and easy to find, no recipe has an impossible amount of ingredients and all you do is put them in the crockpot and let it do its magic.

Some recipes come with a photo and those also look like real life pictures taken in a real environment – not the kind where the food stylist has created a “dish” that nobody will ever be able to produce.

If I were a meat eater I’d cook several of the recipes. Here are some that would have appealed to me in my previous life.

  • Barbecued Ribs
  • Ham with sweet potatoes and oranges
  • Garlic with lime chicken
  • Turkey Fajitas

The veggie factor

Recipe ratio (non.veg./veg) 40/60. Almost all main dishes are non veggie, the sides are without meat.
Worth it? No

Product info and buy link :

Title Fix-it and Forget-it Holiday Dishes and Sides
Author Phyllis Pellman Good
Publisher Good Books
ISBN 9781453276969
I got this book from Netgalley
Buy link Buy Fix-it and Forget-it Holiday Dishes and Sides for Kindle

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. Too bad you didn’t find many recipes for yourself. I have one of the other Fix-it and Forget-it and find the recipes easy to follow. I’ll have to look for this at the library.


  2. Thanks for sharing this review. I love crockpot cooking for the ease of weekday dinners. Hopefully you will find a book that features more vegetarian dishes.
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate


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