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I am sorry for this – and Birgit will love me for it, I know –, but I will have to change my blog theme again. This theme is driving me insane. I love its looks but it behaves erratically when it comes to font size, line breaks and and and. I am using Live Writer and never know exactly what my post will look like before I upload it and, frankly, I am not uploading a scheduled post just to go into WP to change its looks (especially since I hate the WP interface). So a new theme it is. But I am planning to keep the color scheme and header, so maybe you won’t even notice the difference, Smiley.

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  1. You always create such neat themes that it won’t matter if you change it, the outcome will be great anyways. Oh and you could certainly use some pink and dolls and GIFs and make us suffer some kind of epileptic dissorder 😛
    Elena’s last post ..Historical Non-Fiction (USA)


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