Book beginnings on Friday

Boog beginnings on Friday

Cover Started early, took my dog by Kate Atkinson


I haven’t done a book beginning post in a long time. But I started reading an interesting book by an author that is new to me and in a genre that I am not very accustomed to. So good reasons to share its beginning.

The book is “Started early, took my dog” by Kate Atkinson, a writer who was recommended to me by Elena from Books and Reviews. I am not 100% certain I like the style which is evident already in the first few lines.

1975: 9 April

Leeds: “Motorway City of the Seventies”. A proud slogan. No irony intended. Gaslight still flickering on some streets. Life in a northern town.

What is YOUR book beginning today? To see more book beginnings go to Rose City Reader!

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  1. Hi Rikki,

    Kate Atkinson is an author of great reknown, but I have to admit that I have never read any of her books, although I do have a couple of them on my TBR shelves, but not this particular one.

    Personally, I quite like this style of writing, it is quite ‘punchy’ and to the point and the lines certainly are intriguing enough to make me want to read on, even if it is only to find out just what she thinks that Leeds has to offer!! LOL

    I hope that when you get into the story, you start to enjoy it a bit more,

    Have a good weekend, Yvonne


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