New52 Foodie Project. Week 5

Today’s recipe is for a meal that is cheap, easy, quick and delicious. If you are someone who likes to scrape up the rest of the tomato sauce with a piece of white bread this is for you. John found the recipe for a Bread and Tomato Gratin in The Guardian online and I had to try it out at the next opportunity.

It is great for leftover, stale bread and if you have a jar of nice ready made tomato sauce (or frozen homemade one) this is the quickest meal ever.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but I didn’t have room for them anyway. However, on The Guardian you will see a picture that will make your mouth water.

Bread and Tomato Gratin

If you click on the card you will see a bigger version of it.

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  1. THe math is stumping me-I had to think about my answer. That recipe sounds perfect for a winter day.


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